What is the difference between Aluminium and Steel Fencing?

You have re-decorated your front yard, laid the lawn, painted the fencing but what about the gate? It is that time, time to choose which gate you want to finally finish your garden project.

When you contact a contractor they will ask you which gate you want, what material would you prefer? Aluminium and steel both offer the perfect security and privacy but what is the difference between them? Which is better and why? That all depends on your personal needs. Here you will find information on both, making your choice simpler.

Aluminium Fencing

 Aluminium fencing is usually used by resident’s due to its inexpensiveness, eco friendly and its durability.

This option is a cheaper alternative to iron, it is lighter and will keep from any rust fears you may have. The down-side to Aluminium is the fact of the material more likely to bend with high powerful winds to oppose of iron or steel.

People opt for this choice for more decorative purposes more than high end security. This is more than capable of securing your home.

With the metal easily bent into any direction you need it is perfect for people to mould it in any shape for decorative purposes.

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is extremely heavy and durable. This can be used as fencing on residential buildings or by businesses alike. With its extremely strong nature steel fencing can offer the maximum security you thrive for. Although it is not rust protected naturally you can coat the metal with anti-rust paint to stop it from rusting.

Steel fencing will not get damaged with high winds, rain or snow, it is effectively all weather proof.

In the long hall this option will more than likely save you money, you will not have to pay out twice with steel fencing.

This option can be used as a high security fence to keep anything you do not want in, out. If you have large dogs this will ensure they do not escape.

Steel fencing is much more popular with industrial buildings due to there high nature for security and durability. Choosing steel will mean choosing once, the only thing you may need to top up on is the anti-rust formula every other year to make sure the fencing is not rusting in places for health and safety reasons.

If you want cheap, eye catching and not too bothered about high security, i think the best option would be the Aluminium fencing would suit you the best.

If money is not a problem and you want high security as well as durability then i would recommend the Steel fencing to match your criteria.

Both options offer their own speciality and both options have meaning.

If you still feel you have unanswered questions it is advised to speak with a qualified contractor who will advise you further. It is also highly advised to seek professional help when installing these types of fences.