A guide to Install LED Lights in Your House  

LED lights have served to be the best lights in the history of electricity. They are not only energy preserving but they are healthy too in terms of radiation emission from the usual bulbs which is why it is super ideal to have LED lights installed all over your house as compared to the incandescent lights. They can vary in designs, produce less heat and can be easily shaped to fit any appliance you want. LED lights can also last longer than other types of lights and are free of all the harmful rays and chemicals in the usual conventional bulbs such as mercury.

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Eco-friendly, efficient and long-lasting, they save your money on not only electricity bills but in case of getting these installed inside and outside of your house. As an emergency electrician gold coast, if you want to install LED lights in your house then here are some super simple steps to follow to get the job done;

Step#1: Pick A Room

Do not get eager to install the LED lights all around your house. The process can take time which is why first you need to pick a room from where you want to get started on this first.

Step#2: Perfect Spot For LED Lights 

When you have selected a room, pick a spot from where the LED lights would serve you completely by lighting up the room to each and every corner. Pick a spot carefully according to the aesthetics of the room as well.

Step#3: The Power Source

You obviously need a power socket for your LED lights which is why you need to make sure that you choose a spot for the power source where it is not too visible and is hidden behind a cupboard or a shelf.

Step#4: Drilling 

Next up is the drilling. This is a must so you can feasibly put the wiring around for the LED lights. Drill carefully so you do not punch holes into the wrong spot. Remember to mark the wall or the cabinet where you have decided to drill the holes with a marker first so you do not ruin the walls by drilling the wrong holes.

Step#5: Circuit   

Then look for the power circuit that you will use for the LED lights. Once you have it decided, turn that circuit off before you put in the bulbs and wiring.

Step#6: Attach Wires 

You need to be extra careful when you do the wiring stuff. Electricity can be dangerous if the feeder trips. Carefully take the wiring from the circuit and attach it to the power source you earlier drilled holes for behind the cupboard or the spot where it is not visible.

Step#7: Connect LED Lights & Ground Wires  

Now comes connecting the LED bulbs in. But make sure you are careful with putting the right wires in the right place so you do not have to face trouble with turning on and off the wrong switches. The ground wiring should be done properly and connected with the right LED bulb.

Step#8: Test The New LED Lights 

Once you are done with all the steps, you can now turn the power circuit and power source on to test your new LED lights. Have the room light up with durable energy saving lights and preserve your money and health.